One of the beneficiaries of the Umwad Project in Iloilo City. © Handicap International

One of the beneficiaries of the Umwad Project in Iloilo City. © Handicap International

A few years after Handicap International was founded in 1982, the organization began its work in the Philippines.

1985-1994 / 2001-2005

Set up of rehabilitation centers with close partnership with 15 rehabilitation centers in the Philippines. Support to the creation of the Philippine Association for the Reintegration of Disabled People in the Society (PARDS) throughout the country.


Support to the Self-Help Education Program Appropriated for Cultural Communities (SHEPACC), through setting up of learning centers that benefited the Manobos, an ethnic group in Mindanao.


Implementation of the Emergency and Reconstruction Project for the victims of Typhoon Nanang in Negros Occidental.


Implementation of the Regional Project Community Approach to Handicap in Development (CAHD) to reinforce community response to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the rural communities of Cagayan de Oro City and Quezon province.


Assistance to Internally Displaced People in Pikit, North Cotabato and Support to Returnees from Malaysia in Tawi-Tawi.


Training of humanitarian workers in inclusion of disability issues to identify and refer people with disabilities in evacuees’ camps and villages in Mindanao


Implementation of a Community-Based Rehabilitation Project to train community social and health workers to identify and refer people with disabilities to existing services. Set up of an orthopedic workshop and rehabilitation center in Cotabato.

The Hilwai Rehabilitation Boat provides orthopedic and rehabilitation services in small and remote islands in the Visayas region.


Implementation of the Wheelchairs for Mindanao Project in Cagayan de Oro City to establish a sustainable wheelchair production center.


Assistance to the victims of the landslide in Quezon Province.

Assistance to the victims of a typhoon to prevent or limit the physical injuries and disability situation in General Nakar, Infanta, and Real, Quezon Province.


Assistance to the victims of Super Typhoon Durian (Reming) in the neighboring municipalities of Mayon Volcano, Albay.


Pilot phase of the Diabetes Project to build local capacities to fight diabetes and its resulting disabilities in Davao City.


Transitional phase from Hilwai, an emergency project, to the CBR Panay Project to provide partners (local government unit, service providers, and organizations of persons with disabilities) with sufficient technical skills to continue developing programs and services for people with disabilities autonomously.


Implementation of the Umwad Project in Iloilo and Antique provinces to increase the capacities of organizations of people with disabilities, so that they could become integral actors in local development.

Assistance to the victims of Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) in Rizal province.


Launching of the Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) Project to prevent disabilities due to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases through the implementation of an integrated risks management and local stakeholders’ actions coordination.

Launching of the Disaster Risk Reduction Project to reduce the vulnerability of people with disabilities to natural hazards by enhancing their participation and inclusion in Disaster Risk Management activities.

Assistance to the victims of Typhoon Megi (Juan) in Isabela province.


Implementation of the Solid Waste Management Project in partnership with Action Contre la Faim and Cotabato City Government to improve environmental quality and reduce the health risks caused by improper waste disposal in the city.


Assistance to the victims of the mudslide in Southern Leyte.

Partnership with Freedom Technology Wheelchair Foundation Inc. for technical and organizational support and common advocacy and awareness activities.


Assistance to the victims of Tropical Storm Washi in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City.


Assistance to the victims of Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) in Compostela Valley.