Handicap International launches website on ‘grit, hope’ of Haiyan survivors; calls for more support

Handicap International launched on November 8 a website to pay homage to the victims and survivors of the deadly typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which hit the Philippines exactly a year ago.

Homepage of Hope After Haiyan website

Homepage of Hope After Haiyan website

“We present this website in memory of loved ones lost to Haiyan, and as a tribute to the survivors who show us everyday the way of grit, courage, and hope,” wrote Handicap International Philippines Head of Mission Cedric Linossier and Program Director Edith van Wijngaarden.

The website, titled Hope After Haiyan, features various contents – including photo-essays and testimonials – that tell stories of courage and hope among the typhoon victims.

According to Linossier and Van Wijngaarden, writing on behalf of Handicap International, the website is also dedicated to all who collaborated with the organization in its emergency and recovery efforts: “our donors, sponsors, colleagues, and friends — all who somehow accompanied us to the areas hardest hit by Haiyan. On behalf of the people with disabilities and other vulnerable people we aided, let this be our heartfelt thanks for your support.”

Throughout the website, Handicap International calls for everybody’s continued support to the typhoon survivors. Huge amounts are still needed to help them get back to normal life, particularly in terms of shelter and livelihoods.

Said to be among the strongest typhoons ever recorded, Haiyan killed more than 6,000 people and displaced more than 4 million. Handicap International’s emergency response efforts have been in Leyte and Capiz provinces since November last year.

Visit Hope After Haiyan, and watch out for new contents this week »