Typhoon Lando forces more than 290,000 people to evacuate; severity of damage to be assessed

Fallen trees, flooded roads, and landslides are some of the horrific images left by Typhoon Lando (international name: Koppu) in the Northern Luzon area here in the Philippines.

While Koppu has weakened into a tropical storm, it continues to move at a slow pace as it exits the Philippine area of responsibility, with more than 290,000 people being forced to evacuate their homes and stay in over 370 evacuation centers.

Handicap International Philippines offers its sincerest condolences to those who lost family members due to the impact of the typhoon.

“For the moment, we are coordinating with the United Nations’ Humanitarian Country Team for possible participation in joint assessments either with the Philippine government or with fellow international organizations,” says Joana Paula Villaflor, the program’s emergency focal point.

These rapid assessments aim to determine the impact of the typhoon in the affected areas, and decide on possible interventions based on the needs of the residents. For the moment, full scale and severity of the impact of the typhoon is still very unclear.

“We currently have a modest stockpile of shelter and hygiene kits, and as well as assistive devices like wheelchairs and crutches for distribution,” she says.