HI staff underwent Surge Capacity Training


The participants are presented with the ideal materials inside a Go Bag.

The Philippines is highly exposed to natural and manmade hazards because of its geographic location and political situation. These factors lead to humanitarian crises; hence, there is a need for organizations like Handicap International (HI) to support the government in responding to these crises.

In the frame of HI’s objective to build its capacity in order to be better prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of the most vulnerable men and women during a humanitarian crisis (HI Philippine Program Framework 2015-2017), selected HI Manila-based staff underwent an in-house Surge Capacity Training from 31 May to 16 June 2016.

Surge Capacity is the ability to scale-up (and down) resources smoothly and quickly, including getting the right people to the right places, doing the right things in the shortest time possible.

Specifically, the training aimed to 1) capacitate HI staff to perform surge duties and 2) ensure the organization’s readiness to respond to disasters. Training participants include Human Resources and Administrative Manager Michelle De Claro, Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor Carissa Galla, Logistics Officer Ramir Castillo, Finance Officer Christian Arcilla, Accounts Officer Flor Racca, Communication and Advocacy Officer Edward Aquino and Administrative Assistant Princess Zabate.

The training included 6 sessions during which the humanitarian sector, HI’s experiences and competencies in emergency response, Core Humanitarian Standards and the Aging and Disability Standards in Humanitarian Action, HI’s internal coordination mechanism, as well as specific activities prior to and during deployment, were discussed. Training assessment revealed knowledge increase and readiness of participants to support or participate in actual surge actions.

The training program for Surge Capacity is a consolidation of training and surge experiences of Emergency Focal Point Joana Villaflor and Inclusion Advisor Edward Ello. Villaflor and Ello were trained on Surge Capacity, Building Better Response and Aging and Disability Minimum Standards for Humanitarian Action. Following this pilot activity, a curriculum will be developed to support the roll out of this training to other HI staff.

Program Director Edith van Wijngaarden and Program Administrator Mariana Echevarria also facilitated selected session of the training.