Hot off the press: REBUILD Newsletter

The REBUILD Project in Baras (Rizal province) has released the first issue of the REBUILD Newsletter during the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week celebration last week. Also available in print format, the newsletter aims to inform external stakeholders on the recent activities and accomplishments of the Project. The REBUILD Project is a livelihoods and…

Inclusive DRRM

New report on disability-inclusive DRM good practices

A new publication on select good practices in disability-inclusive disaster risk management (DRM) is now available in both print and online versions. Published by Handicap International and the Disability Inclusive DRR Network for Asia and the Pacific, the report “highlights how persons with disabilities [in South and South-East Asia] can participate in and contribute to efforts…

Distribution of materials in the Washi Emergency Response Project. Photo: Handicap International

Disability inclusion process in Washi emergency response

While natural disasters affect a large number of individuals, PWD tend to be more affected than others during such situations and often face bigger challenges in order to cope with the situation and survive. Due to their specific situations, they risk being excluded and invisible during response activities, and they often face additional barriers in accessing support and relief efforts.