Lahat Handa Briefer


Leave No One Behind: Lahat Handa Manual Launching
Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Quezon City, Philippines
20 May 2016 (8:30 AM to 12:00 NN)


What is Lahat Handa?
Lahat Handa is an Inclusive Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (ICBDRRM) Training Manual supplementing the CBDRRM Basic Instructor’s Guide (BIG) Manual of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council-Office of Civil Defense (NDRRMC-OCD). It integrates inclusive approaches to community-based DRRM and promotes the rights and capacities of children, youth, older people and persons with disabilities.
Why was the BIG Manual supplemented?
Children, youth, older people and persons with disabilities are disproportionately affected by disasters resulting from barriers that cause exclusion in all phases of DRRM, leading to higher risk of death, injury, secondary impairments and all forms of abuse. Lahat Handa supplemented the Big Manual to discuss approaches to inclusion and accessibility in all DRRM processes leading to inclusive and more empowered disaster resilient communities, leaving no one behind.
How was Lahat Handa developed?
A technical working group (TWG) composed of nine organizations and agencies was formed to focus on the development of the manual. The TWG conducted rigorous writing workshops, peer reviews, technical reviews and field-testing until the final version of the Lahat Handa was approved last 13 April 2016.
What is the content of Lahat Handa?
The manual is composed of an overview and five modules: (1) The Philippine Context and Importance of ICBDRRM, (2) Steps in Conducting ICBDRRM, (3) Preparedness, Prevention, and Mitigation for Each Hazard, (4) Disaster Response Mechanism and Preparations for Rehabilitation and Recovery, and (5) Action Planning. The manual includes instructions, tips and strategies for facilitators on inclusion and accessibility in DRRM.
What is the relevance of Lahat Handa to at-risk men, women, boys and girls?
Only persons and groups trained on ICBDRRM can use the manual. However, the use of Lahat Handa will ensure increased participation of children, youth, older people and persons with disabilities in CBDRRM, promoting and fulfilling their rights and concerns.


For additional information, please contact the TWG secretariat of the Lahat Handa:
Edward T. Ello
Inclusion Advisor, Handicap International Federation – Philippines
0939 825 7771 or 02 812 6990